Mclean County Senior Expo

The 10th Annual McLean County Senior Expo Exceeds Expectations!

The Interstate Center opened its massive doors to over 1,000 senior adults on Wednesday, September 6th, and the positive response was overwhelming. The 10th Annual Calvert & Metzler Memorial Home McLean County Senior Expo began its search for a new host venue after nine successful years at two previuos sites, and the tours were both exhaustive and exciting. After many months of phone calls and visits, the Interstate Center was selected as the new home for this annual event, but as with any move, a level of anxiety accompanied the change. Questions persisted regarding convenience of location, senior adult accessibility, and the necessary space requirements needed for a "10 year straight" sold-out show. Those questions were quickly answered by the massive number of vendors and visitors who not only attended but also approved of the event changes. Classic cars, food trucks, a food drive, ample seating, and the Expo's newest offering, Silent Bingo, were just a few of the offerings that inaugurated a new era for this Calvert & Metzler Memorial Home sponsored event, and the future possibilities now seem endless. Event Coordinator and Calvert Funeral Homes Public Relations Director Chad Sparks was thrilled with the results, and admitted that planning for the 2018 Expo had already begun. Said Sparks, "Our slogan, 'Calvert cares about your family, and Calvert cares about our community'  allow us no time to rest from our labors, and we see the tremendous responsibility to proivide for both of these important entities daily". Sparks indicated that the comments that have been offered by both vendor and visitor have been "positive beyond expectation", and that those remarks only motivate him for even greater success in the coming years. Planning for the 2018 McLean County Senior Expo is currently underway, and while new offerings will assuredly be introduced, the Expo home will remain the same. For Calvert & Metzler Memorial Home, an organization that prioritizes family and community, the thought of staying home feels very comforting.




The Calvert Cares Community Food Drive "Fed the Needs" of McLean County

70+ McLean County food pantries reaped the rewards of this great community event!

Calvert Cares Food DriveThe first ever Calvert Cares Community Food Drive has concluded, and Calvert & Metzler Memorial Home wish to recognize all of the sponsors and donors that made it a success. Starting on April 1st, 2017, and culminating on September 6th at the 10th Annual Calvert & Metzler Memorial Home McLean County Senior Expo, non-perishable food items were collected and distributed to 70+ McLean County food pantries through the dedicated efforts of Midwest Food Bank. A concerted effort by numerous entities and organizations, and consistent giving by multitudes of groups and individuals allowed the aforementioned Midwest Food Bank to do what they do best: distribute food to the pantries and people who have needs throughout McLean County communities. These meaningful partnerships not only enhanced the attraction of the 10th Annual McLean County Senior Expo, but they also allowed individuals and organizations to unite selflessly and sacrificially to help their fellow man in need. An immense amount of gratitude is extended to all participants, and Calvert Funeral Homes looks forward to welcoming this event back in 2018 as part of its Calvert Cares initiative.

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