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We understand that losing a pet can be extremely difficult. For many of us, our faithful companions are very special members of our family. It is this reason why we offer cremation as an option when your family looses a pet. We offer equipment dedicated to only the individual cremation of pets, this way you have the peace of mind knowing that the remains you receive back are that of only your pets. Your pet's cremains is returned in a stained wooden urn that has a hand-carved top. Other styles of urns are also available for purchase.

The cost of the cremation service is based on the size of the pet, for which we have 5 different categories:

 • Category 1 (0-10lbs) $135
 • Category 2 (11-30lbs) $175
 • Category 3 (31-60lbs) $215
 • Category 4 (61-99lbs) $255
 • Category 5 (100lbs and over) $285

*There is also a $2 per pound fee for weight over 100.

We also offer the option of personalized laser engraving on our urns. For an additional $25 we will customize up to 2 lines of engraving.

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